Question: How Do I Hide Code In View Page Source?

Can you hide JavaScript code?

No, it isn’t possible.

If you don’t give it to the browser, then the browser doesn’t have it.

If you do, then it (or an easily followed reference to it) forms part of the source.

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How do I protect my react code?

How to protect React. js source code with production buildHow would the browser read the source code if it can’t read the source code? – … bundle it in a single minified file…. – … Do not include source maps in production deployments and only deploy the minified bundles. –More items…•

How do I encrypt a website source code?

In the end, the only sure fire way to make sure no one can steal your source code is to never put it on the Internet at all. You can’t, unfortunately. HTML is always open so that the browser can render it, so there’s no way to encrypt it.

How do you find the source code of a website?

How to View Source CodeFirefox – CTRL + U (Meaning press the CTRL key on your keyboard and hold it down. While holding down the CTRL key, press the “u” key.) … Internet Explorer – CTRL + U. Or right click and select “View Source.”Chrome – CTRL + U. … Opera – CTRL + U.

How do I obfuscate HTML code?

Obfuscate HTML using an Online ToolOpen a Web browser and navigate to or the “HTML Obfuscator” link on the main page in … Copy your HTML code by dragging the mouse over the desired code in the HTML editor, and the right-clicking the mouse.More items…

How do I hide react code in browser?

In Google chrome browser in you go to Inspector window and enter cntr+p or cmd+p (in mac) you can see all components code. Solution: To hide source code being exposed to outside world just enable GENERATE_SOURCEMAP = false in package.

Is PHP code hidden?

PHP isn’t hidden, it never makes it to the browser at all. … PHP code runs on the server and produces HTML (and sometimes JaveScript) that the browser does understand. That’s what you see when you view source, the result of your PHP code, not the code itself.

How do I hide my code?

How to Hide an HTML Text CodeLaunch your HTML editor. Select “File” and “Open” from the program’s navigation bar. … Locate the text within the HTML document you want to hide. … Type “<" followed by "! ... Type "---" followed by ">” (no quotes and no spaces) at the end of the block of text you want to hide. … Save your HTML document.

Can you hide source code?

So, the answer to the question ‘Can I hide html source code ?’ is Yes. You can hide source code of the original files. It can not be copied and pasted, edited in any html editor, or reused without permission in whatever form in other websites.

How do I hide my HTML source code?

No, there is no way to hide one’s code on the web. If you’re sending information to the client-side, that information can be copied. That’s not merely a fact of the web, that’s a fact of information theory. The only option for cases like this is not prevention, but detection.

How hide JavaScript code in view source?

How to hide your JavaScript code from View SourceVersion check. Our JavaScript obfuscator lives in the Node runtime environment. … Install the program. Javascript-obfuscator should be installed into the global assembly cache of your workstation. … Create a sample. … Add some code. … Implement the encryption. … First obfuscation. … Redirect output. … Analyse the results.More items…•

How do I hide the source code in WordPress?

To sum up the whole story in one line, it is the best available free way to hide many WordPress footprints from the browser generated source code. With the help of WP Hide, you can rewrite default WordPress directories like wp-includes, wp-admin, wp-content etc. without changing anything in the database.